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"You don't have good quality sandals, brother." "Then I won't go back for the time being, so that the platform outside the door will be full of "But there is something strange in it. None of the people who enter it come out. I don't know wh Environment has a great influence on people. In addition to the two missions of Su's living in the underground world. "Well... I believe that's true. But the question is... How can we cooperate?" After some identification, Li Hao recognized a direction. But it's also good for the ability to perform, click, click, he bent down deeply in the strange "Premier Li immediately also said, at this time, Premier Li's amiability is less, more iron bloo Shen Xinyi is from Wanjie mountain. He has no idea what monogamy is. The soldiers flattened their lances and tried to keep their bodies down. In front of the horse's "As far as I know, Ye Feng, the son of Ye Chu, was attacked and killed in the city a few years ago. A ten meter long dragon shadow flew down into the sky and hit the palm directly. Wushuang Shenzi guessed the identity of Ye Chen, and his face suddenly changed. He said in surprise, But water dream Han does not know, her Ye elder brother is an exception. Flashing red se luster, its surface, there is a fire dragon and fire phoenix around each other. Human beings have always claimed to be the spirits of all souls. How can they not be angry when they Four people face to show panic, subconsciously looking at the young monk drinking by the window.

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