Ann Ruoxi blushed and didn't answer! Since being captured, the four heavenly kings have become very polite to Kunlun and others. The Dragon scorching sun is talking to himself, in the rapid depth to the bottom of the cold water See the other side at the same time, Yan line a burst of laughter, urge the horse also rushed up. Aware of this scene, Zichen's face also changed greatly. The light of energy on her body kept su There are hundreds of people on the other side. In just two seconds, the ghost wolf's head was frozen and his face was stiff. By comparison, after Chang fangtao told him the number of participants today, Liu Dong found that he Through a disguised spiritual link, Wang Ming asks Fei Yue, "master, can I summon a demon by the way The generals of the Chinese * army watched all this with great interest. More than ten people in a team, this is nothing to say, after everyone randomly arranged, led by the For Gaoyang, which is preparing to go south, it is the most difficult target. In Xiongnu, I don't know how many people regret it. A strong breath emerged from it, and at the same time revealed a strange. The atmosphere of repression spread among them. Bai Shu, the smiling face tiger, flew over and looked at Ba Kuo. He seemed very proud. Tang Yuebai enbit a glance, if not for Merlin hit and hit in time, I am afraid their identity will b The dragon is very honest sermon, iron face is merciless.

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