At the same time, the door opened automatically - a man in a flaming red feather coat. There are more and more foreigners doing business in the Empire. These foreigners are no longer as s Look at the pale face, and the slightly trembling legs. "Fool, you are dressed like a lantern for fear that the enemy will not see you?" After glancing at the four Supreme masters, Jinpeng's eyes flashed a cold light and said coldly. Yang Kai sighed in his heart. He knew that the trouble was coming, but he still pretended not to kno If you can't give Xie Xingmei happiness, you can't give Xie Xingmei any hope. With a faint smile, the red haired boy said, "you know, if we face each other today, you will never Leisurely, Kang Si ran frowned and looked forward. For these three brothers, the Han court has never relaxed its control. He knew that the master would not let go of this opportunity. Sure enough, he soon saw the flying fi "It's the first time I've seen a team like this. I'll figure it out. Five players, one c Many doubts appear in Murong Yu's mind and can not be forgotten. "Zhao Feng! Come out and accept the challenge!" After stepping over the soil covered with the corpses of demon soldiers, Juliet ran back and forth, The official was even more flustered when he was scolded. He stammered, "no, it's not good. It&# Once the awakened person of this kind of element is successful in cultivation and can display his st "For them, not to mention dozens or hundreds of them, even one or two monstrous beasts that have bee

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